Live Fire Rates

Archery Rates

Live Fire-Advanced

Our advanced range has programmable target carriers so you can shoot at moving targets. The target will edge and expose themselves as friend or foe, resulting in a fun challenge and great self-defense shooting scenarios.  You can shoot pistol, rifle, and shotgun.



Take advantage of our archery range and shoot any one of our Rhinehart 3D targets or 5 spot cubes.  The maximum distance on the archery range is 30 yards.  Both compound and crossbows are allowed on the range with field point tips.  

You can enhance your archery experience with our TechnoHUNT video archery. Whether you are a competitive target shooter or a bowhunter looking to improve your aim, TechnoHUNT offers you an experience unlike any other.

Live Fire-Standard

Our standard range has standard target carriers that will go out to the distance you specify with touch screen controls.  The maximum distance is 25 yards.  You can shoot pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

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