The past few weeks have been more than trying on everyone, individuals & families, businesses & their employees.

Like most, we here at Zingers & Flingers have adjusted our policies and procedures of everyday life at the facility.

Obviously every business is preforming endless cleaning, disinfecting, bleaching and changing their operations to keep everyone safe. Most stores you walk into now smell like they have added a swimming pool, including Zingers.

Starting today, March 25th we will be resuming our range operations for training, CCW practice and firearm proficiency shooting. We will continue to enforce only one shooter per lane, however, an exception will be given when a novice shooter is being taught by someone from the same household in the same lane.

We ask that children 15 and under stay home for the near future. Children 16-17 are welcomed with an adult family member for the purpose of training. Recreational shooting in not an essential pass time right now.

To honor the 10 person maximum per space we are limiting occupancy on each range to 10 people. Only premade targets will be available and will be moving you along to a range upon arrival. Please understand this is to limit exposure for both you and us until this passes.

For five years we have offered complimentary eye and ear protection but will no longer offer these to guests. While both were always disinfected properly upon return, the potential exposure risk makes this no longer an option. We offer several packaged options for you to keep.

Currently no “One on One” lessons will be scheduled due to the six foot requirement. As always we will continue to make everyone capable and safe before going to the range.

For now our modified Concealed Carry courses will continue. Yesterday was the test for our new smaller class size courses consisting of preassigned brochures and seating, spacing students a minimum of six feet apart and using two instructors for the course.

Fear and uncertainty is common in unknown times, while panic buying gives one a false sense of security, it is temporary and not a solution. We all need t.p. but we don’t need all the t.p.

Last week we implemented a limit on ammunition purchases and will continue this policy for the unknown future. We have had plenty of ammunition thru all of this and will continue to offer our rental firearms for you to make the correct decision on you CC weapon.

Zingers & Flingers, Inc. is a training facility, we have taught thousands of people to shoot, defend and enjoy firearms in a safe manner. From the children and first time gun owners learning to shoot to the officers, judges and security personnel that train here on a regular basis, one thing is certain, All lives matter, defend yours.

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